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About Letter Chase Typing Tutor?

There are several typing tutors on the market already. Why another? Any computerized typing tutorial software can teach you where the keys are. What was needed was new software to push experienced typists, those not satisfied with their speed, into faster touch typing. Letter Chase typing tutor is designed for that purpose. A special feature of Letter Chase touch typing software allows you to adjust the speed in which the words appear to any word per minute rate you choose. This allows you to set the speed a little faster than you can normally type and then "chase" after the letters until you catch up, forcing you to learn to type faster. Setting the word per minute speed constantly faster than you can type and chasing after a new personal record is not only fun, but also will increase your touch typing speed significantly. (Check our testimonials page). After typing each set of lines, a window will appear and comment on your progress, or lack of it (often teasingly). Timed Speed Tests are now included.

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Letter Chase Typing Tutor Features
  • All immediate family members can use Letter Chase typing tutor and print and save to file charts of their progress. Charts will automatically be saved with the present user name and the date included in the chart title.
  • 11 Lessons will take you step by step to learn to type. Animated hands will guide you so you will not have to look at your keyboard. Making Letter Chase suitable for schools with young students.
  • In the Beginners drills, transparent, animated hands will also guide you from home row to the letter to type. This will help you pick up on the direction and distance of the keys from the home row position. 
  • An Intermediate Section is included. With it you can practice words with commonly used letter combinations (ing, qu, ion, etc.). You can instantly pick the combination you want by clicking a speed button. The file will automatically go to the place you choose. Also, you can practice phrases or simple sentences. The animated hands are still used in the intermediate section. 
  • The Advanced Section allows you to practice with four lines. Your practice will be more realistic and a more accurate WPM score can be calculated, as will the speed tests.
  • The Letter Chase section is unique to computer typing tutorials. The letters appear at an adjustable WPM rate of speed. The challenge is to set it slightly faster than you can normally type and then try to catch up. The speed adjuster can adjust to any WPM rate you want regardless of the speed of your computer. 
  • Another unique feature called "Word Sweep" places words on the screen for a limited amount of time (this is adjustable). The purpose is to teach you how to type the most commonly used words in the English language as quickly as possible. 
  • Speed tests are provided so you can monitor your touch typing progress. 
  • Letter Chase 5.0 has additional features making it better for schools. See New to Version 5
  • Learn to type with Letter Chase!