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Letter Chase -- Lessons

Letter Chase has 11 lessons to help new typists learn the keys. Users are "introduced" to the keys a few at a time. You can set your own goals and learn at your own pace. After learning the new keys individually, a set of lines containing those keys will be given. See below. 

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Letter Chase -- Lessons

With each lesson you will have a set of lines to type. You will have to type these at a specific word-per-minute goal that you set yourself. When you reach that wpm goal with 94% or better accuracy, you will advance on to the next lesson. Along the way, Letter Chase will be watching for mistakes and giving you extra characters of those missed, reducing learning time.

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Letter Chase -- Beginners Drills

Here's a look at the Beginners Drills. No other typing tutor shows you where the keys are and how to get to them as clearly as Letter Chase. Several options can be selected from the menu.

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Letter Chase -- Charts


Here's a look at the Charts. All major sections of the program are charted. Reports can be printed out for each user.

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Letter Chase -- Speed Tests


Here's a look at the Speed Tests. Time limits can be set from 1 minute to 14 minutes, or unlimited time stopped by the escape key.

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Letter Chase -- Intermediate

In the Intermediate Section you will have a full line of text to type. Above, it is set for letter combinations. You can click any of the speed buttons and immediately go the the letter combination you want to work on. Or, you can just let the file move on its own from one to another. The animated hands can be adjusted to appear immediately, or be delayed by up to 8 seconds. 

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Letter Chase -- Advanced

After you learn the keys and get up to 20 words per minute or more, you will want some "realistic" practice. The Advanced section gives you 4 lines to practice with. After you're done, you will be shown your WPM score, etc. Notice the optional colored keyboard is used above. It is available in all sections. 

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Letter Chase -- Letter Chase

The Letter Chase section is unique to typing tutors. I developed this section because so many typists get "stuck" in the 35 to 45 word per minute range. Developing beyond this can be very hard and boring. No longer! With letter chase you adjust the words to appear one letter at a time, at whatever WPM rate you want. Ever wondered what it looked like to type 80 words per minute like the pros? With LC you can see what it looks like! Are you stuck at 45 words per minute and want to type 50? Set LC at 50wpm's and go for it. It won't take long! After you catch up, put the speed up even higher. You will soon find that using this method helps you to type much faster than you normally do.

To motivate you even further, when you catch up with the letters on line two, a window will open up to congratulate you and comment on your progress. However, if you have selected the "Get Mean" button, the comments may mock your typing skills and challenge you to do better. There a several hundred comments. Which comment appears depends on how you are doing. Many factors are taken into consideration. 

I believe that Letter Chase can improve your typing speed more than any other typing tutor, and have many letters in agreement. Testimonials