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Letter chase Typing Tutor updated December 2009

 Letter Chase Version 5.4 has a new menu in the Advanced and Letter Chase sections so you can go to different positions in the text file and not have to start at the top and type the same words over each time. There has been some Tips added when starting each section to make getting started easier. The double spaces after periods has been changed to single spaces. One bug fix in the Timed tests. The cursor is now visible in all areas with all versions of Windows.

Letter chase Typing Tutor updated February 2009

Letter Chase Speed Reader bug fix on Sept. 15, 2007

Letter Chase Typing Tutor has been updated on Jan. 26, 2008
  • A bug fix has been added for more reliable use on Networks.
  • You can now save all Student files to a Backup directory.
Letter Chase Typing Tutor has been updated on December 26, 2006
  • Hundreds of users can be added for Schools.
  • All users will have their own settings, charts and records.
  • Teachers can view the typing history and charts of of all students within the program by selecting their name from a list.
  • Reports can be printed for all students.
  • The ability to add and delete users using a password.
  • Keyboards and practice for Spanish, German, Italian, French, and UK keyboards. Other languages to follow.
  • Animated hands added to the Lessons section.
  • Numbers and all symbols added to lessons and not just drills.
  • The ability to choose a list of characters to practice in the Beginner's drills.
  • The program now remembers your last lesson completed.  

  • Updated LC Speed Reader on September 18, 2005. All known bugs are fixed and the Speed Reader now requires Windows NT/2000/XP. Updated August 8, 2005.