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Letter Chase Pricing

Single-User License:

The cost of registration for a single user is $19.50.  A single-user registration allows a user to make his/her registered copy available to all immediate family members on up to 2 computers. 

Multi-user License:

A site and right-to-copy may also be purchased. Educational and government institutions, corporations, offices or workgroups may purchase the right to legally copy onto more than one computer at a time. Copying is permitted up to the quantity ordered. The use of each copy will not be restricted to a single location. Those desiring to use Letter Chase on a network need to purchase for the maximum workstation/ keyboards to be used simultaneously. When used on a network system, each simultaneous user is considered to be using a distinct copy of the licensed program.
Number of Users

 up to 30
 up to 60
 up to 100

Total License Fee


To order, go to Ordering Info

For more than 100 users contact me at:  lcinfo@prodigy.net