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 1). Self-contained lessons and instructions.
 2). Speed tests to evaluate your progress.
 3). Comprehension tests.
 4). Warm up exercises to develop peripheral vision.
 5). Tachistoscopic reader.
 6). Horizontal reader for further speed development.
 7). Vertical reader for advanced speed reading.
 8). The ability to import your own text files.
 9). A utility to create and format text copied and pasted
     from other sources such as the internet for instant use
     with just the click of two buttons.
10). Free unlimited download upgrades for life
11). Reliably works with files up to 1000 lines long.

At this time, there are still only a few Windows computer programs available to learn speed reading. Most are quite limited. This program includes more features than those which only teach you how to double your reading speed. If you put in the time and hard work, Letter Chase Speed Reading software will give you the know how and provide you with the practice needed to learn advanced speed reading techniques.

One of the best things about this program is that you can continue to use it long after you have completed the course. Letter Chase Speed Reading softwarehas two useful ways to insert your own text (reading material that you can obtain from several sources) into either of three different program sections to aid in your reading. With this program, you don't have to worry about reverting to old reading habits, you can continue to hone your skills using text obtained by copying and pasting from the internet, or loaded from text files. 

Future versions of Letter Chase Speed Reading will contain more stories, complete with comprehension tests -- making it a more complete coarse to help you read faster. Registered users can continue to download upgrades free.

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The following authors have contributed their short stories to Letter Chase Speed Reader. If you enjoyed their work, please feel free to visit their web sites.

Story: Mitch
Author: Ron Thomas
Status: (C) Copyright by Ron Thomas
E-mail address:  Notes: Ron resides in Australia and is a sixteen-year veteran of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in radio and electronics. He has written three full length novels and several short stories. But his most notable accomplishment is his invention of the EasyWord Method of typing Chinese character text using only eight keys instead of the twenty-six used for English. This method is used by Chinese for word processing and for entering address lists and short messaging in mobile cell phones.

Story: Dinner In Scotland
Author: Raymond Woodley
Status: (C) Copyright by Raymond Woodley
E-mail address:
Story: Ug

Author: Euan McLusky
Status: (C) Copyright by Euan McLusky
E-mail address: