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  Letter Chase 5 has these new features for schools:
  • Hundreds of users can be added.
  • All users will have their own settings, charts and records.
  • Teachers can view the typing history and charts of of all students within the program by selecting their name from a list.
  • Reports can be printed for all students.
  • The ability to add and delete users using a password.
  • Keyboards and practice for Spanish, German, Italian, French, and UK keyboards. Other languages to follow.
  • Animated hands added to the Lessons section.
  • Numbers and all symbols added to lessons and not just drills.
  • The ability to choose a list of characters to practice in the Beginner's drills.
  • The program now remembers your last lesson completed.
  • Upgrades will follow a 3 to 6 month schedule.

Using On Networks

You need to set permissions to these files:
*tst, *ts2, *.bmp, *.wav, *.LCT, *.dat *.00  They are in the directory that Letter Chase is installed in.

Here's some of the best information available for doing this for  network use:

Requests for features you would like to see in later versions can be sent to: lcinfo@prodigy.net