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What Letter Chase Users Are Saying!

I downloaded and registered for Letterchase about a month ago anticipating a nerve-wracking typing test I would have to take for my job. Although I already typed well above the score I needed to pass, I knew I would have to overcompensate significantly to make up for the inevitable attack of the jitters. They came, of course, but my skills were so high, I passed the test well over the mark. This program works. I will recommend it to everyone I meet who needs to improve their typing speed. Thank you very much for putting this outstanding program together and making it affordable.
Jill in Athens, OH 
Hi David,
Tried as you suggested and the shortcut now works. Sincere thanks for your prompt response and solution to the problem. Oh Boy!!!! If only all developers would provide such prompt resonses, one might feel a hell of a lot more confident about some things offered on the WWW. Thanks again 
Regards Col 
Dear David:
I have been using your typing program now for several months..and I must say that it's great!! I have increased my speed from 61wpm to 87wpm. You can bet there will be a check in the mail for you. I am sending you 10 dollars for the use of this program...I LOVE IT!!!! From a very enthusiastic user..
E. Smelser

Hi; I'm Sam, I can type as fast as 80-85wpm with no errors. Up until now, I never found a program that could keep up with my speed. I find your program to be very useful in many ways. You really hit it guy! I really like this program, now I can continue to raise my speed even higher. Your program already brought my speed up to 92wpm no errors (107 with errors). I'm trying to hit 110wpm for now, I'm sure with your program I can achieve this speed.
A very satisfy typist...
Sam P.

When I came online, I had no typing experience. Even though I tried, I couldn't find a free typing program. I finally bought one on CD. Recently, someone told me about Letter Chase, I can honestly say that since I downloaded it, I haven't used my CD. I like Letter Chase much more than the program I bought! I would like to thank those who made it possible, I only wish I found it sooner. Sincerely 
Yours, Deborah 

Thanks for Letter Chase. It's a great program that gets lots of use here. I've found it useful to increase my typing speed and easy enough that even my 6 year old son is using it to learn the keyboard. It's simply one of the best typing programs I've seen. Again thanks, 

I just installed Letter Chase and used it for the first time, IT WAS THE BEST TYPING TUTOR I'VE EVER SEEN!!!! I was ready to buy one for my cousin to help her learn how to type and type faster than she did. When you told me about this homepage I saw Letter Chase(tm) so I decided to try it before I purchased an inferior typing program. When I tested it today to see how it worked I was AMAZED! It was great! I think it will help a lot with the mistakes I make while posting to Usenet. The feature I enjoyed most was the option to have nice comments or insults issued to you after typing. I always have it set on insults (my cousin LOVED it, she even made obvious mistakes just to see them). I never seen such a thing on any other typing tutor I ever used. I can't wait till 2.0 is released!! I will register it ASAP. Some of my family members also need a typing program so I refered them to your page, I will force them to register also when the Shareware version is released. :-) 
Thank you! I absolutely love your letterchase program! I just downloaded it this afternoon, and I've gone from 25-30wpm to 45 in just a few hours. 
I have just downloaded your program on June 5,1998, and I think it's the best typing program I've ever used! I even preffere it over mavis beacon teaches typing!! Thanks for the great FREEWARE program!! :Þ :) :-) :=) :o) 
K. H. 
Just had to reinstall Win 95 after a major crash, but in the process lost my "LetterChase" Software, so am here now to grab another copy, and just wanted to say thanks, because your software has proven to be a great help to me in refreshing my typing skills after many years of non-use, and am now going to get my children started on it, as typing skills can be of benefit to everyone. Once again , thank you. 
K M 
Nicely done. Keep up the good work.

I love your Letter Chase typing tutor. I downloaded it a long time ago and then accidentaly deleted it. I have been trying to find a freeware program ever since. I found it about 2 months ago and since then I have increased my wpm from about 25 to about 70. I would pay you but I'm a student. Your program is better than the one I was about to buy. 
Just downloaded your Typing Tutor and have just started working with it. It is SUPERB!!!!! 
Thanks for the wonderful download and looking forward to brushing up and improving my "old" typing skills. 
Last year, I found Letter Chase on the net while looking for material for my adult education keyboarding class. I had 15 students, many who had never typed before. Several people went from 3 words per minute to 20-30 words per minute in just 5 weeks! One of the more experienced typists increased her speed from 35 words per minute to 65!
This year, I have a few repeat students looking to further improve their typing skills, and they ASKED if we were using Letter Chase this year! They like it better than anything else they've tried.
Here's to another 15 typists!
Thanks, David. 
I just downloaded your program tonight. I did a search on typing tutors and there was your program. I am one of those pathetic typists, and I mainly downloaded your program because I have a final to pass Monday in document processing. So I was looking for a program to let me get some practice in before the big day. I will let you know how I make out, but I can already tell you that your program has been more help to me in 2 hours than all that time sitting in a classroom. Thank you!
Candi N. 
Hi, Thanks so much for making this software so easily available! I have just decided to learn how to type properly and downloaded three different tutors from the internet and I must say that the other two have nothing compared to Letter Chase. I have just scraped to 30 wpm from only a couple of hours of practice and I am very impressed with how simple, yet helpful this program is. Good job Letter Chase!
I installed the letter chase when I first got my computer and I think it is the greatest! I have bad wristes and this is good excerise. Now, I am passing this on to all my friends and am so glad it is still here for them. Thanks for your help and now I feel whole, only because I can type without looking. What a difference.
Hello My Name is Josephine and I just would like to say to you that letter chase is fantastic, I am an administration manager and I was always after improving my typing skills and letter chase has just done that, its great with all its diffrent features and I also love the keypad also.
Thank you